The following books by Francesca Mason Boring are available!  Click link to order/click on poster to see all.

Top Row: L-R

Family Systems Constellation & Other Systems Constellation Adventures: A Transformational Journey

Family & Systems Constellations: In the Company of Good People

Feather Medicine: Walking in Shoshone Dreamtime: A Family System Constellation

Bottom Row: L-R

Returning to Membership in Earth Community: Systemic Constellation Work With Nature, Edited by Francesca Mason Boring and Kenneth Edwin Sloan, 14 contributing authors from 5 different countries

Connecting to Our Ancestral Past: Healing Through Family Constellations, Ceremony, and Ritual

Botschaften aus dem indignen Feld: Rituelle Elemente und Zeremonien in Systemaufstellungen, by Francesca Mason Boring