You are welcome to listen to some of the interviews with Francesca Mason Boring.  Perhaps something in this will speak to you.

Podcast: Nature Constellations: The Earthy Kind of Sacred with Francesca Mason Boring.  Podcast with Candice Wu, Awareness: Ancient Body Wisdom, Love & Wisdom  (a little echo early in the interview, but it resolves quickly)

Conscious Connection: Interviewed by Gary Stuart 12/5/2015

Out of the Fog: Interviewed by Karen Hager, Topic: Connecting to Our Ancestral Past

Interview with Kim Leischner, BE THE CHANGE, Enlightening Leaders Podcast

Plenary given at the North American Systems Constellations Conference, San Diego, November 2015

This is a link to a textured blog written by Crystal Ra Laksmi-Ditton who attended a Constellation Workshop in Hawaii.  The work is growing and her inclusion of film, music, and personal insights are uplifting.