The Nature Constellation Handbook: An Invitation to Connection (2022) Francesca Mason Boring

Family & Systems Constellations: In the Company of Good People, (2018) Francesca Mason Boring

Family Systems Constellations And Other Systems Constellation Adventures: A transformational journey, (2015) All My Relations Press, Francesca Mason Boring, ISBN-13: 978-0692553107   ISBN-10:069255310X

Returning to Membership in Earth Community: Constellations with Nature (2013) Stream of Pagosa Springs, Colorado: Stream of Experience Productions, Co-Editors, Francesca Mason Boring & Kenneth Edwin Sloan, ISBN: 9780982607763

Connecting to our Ancestral Past, Healing Through Family Constellation, Ceremony & Ritual (2012) Berkeley, California: North Atlantic Books, Francesca Mason Boring, ISBN: 978-1-58394-447-9

Feather Medicine, Walking in Shoshone Dreamtime: A Family System Constellation (2016) Create Space, ISBN-10: 1535578475, ISBN-13: 978-1535578479

Botschaften aus dem indigenen Feld: Rituelle Elemente und Zeremonien in Systemaufstellungen (2009) Heidelberg, Germany: Carl-Auer Verlag, Francesca Mason Boring, ISBN: 978-3-89670-703-1

Wandelen door het wetende veld: Rituelen en ceremonien in Systeemopstellingengen (2009) Haarlem, Netherlands: Uitgeverij Altamira, Francesca Mason Boring ISBN 978-90-6963 938 3

Coyote Dance (2005) London: Aeon Publishing, Francesca Mason Boring  ISBN-10: 1595261664   ISBN-13: 978-1595261663

Embracing your Family’s Story This Holiday Season– North Atlantic Books Guest Blog

Articles included in The Knowing Field (International Journal focusing on Family Constellation) – formerly Systemic Solutions Bulletin:

  • A Mirror as Eyes to the Soul, Systemic Solutions Bulletin 2001/Issue 2
  • A Sense of the Sacred, Systemic Solutions Bulletin 2002/ Issue 3
  • Who Belongs? Systemic Solutions Bulletin 2003/Issue 4
  • Systems Constellation as Ceremony, Issue 8, June 2006
  • Mother Earth Belongs, Issue 9, January 2007
  • Community Constellations, Issue 11, June 2008
  • In Conversation with Daan von Kampenhout, Issue 14, June 2009
  • In Conversation with Ken Sloan & Berchthold Wasser, Issue 14, June 2009
  • Book Review in conjunction with Annette Aubrey: Ancestral Blueprints: Revealing Invisible Truths in America’s Soul by Lisa Iverson, 10th Anniversary Issue, January 2010
  • In Conversation with Sneh Victoria Schnabel, Issue 16, June 2010
  • Book Review: A Question of Balance: A systemic approach to understanding and resolving Trauma by Anngwyn St. Just, Issue 17, January 2011
  • Book Review: Dumping the Magic by Connie Donaldson, Issue 21, January 2013
  • In the Spotlight by Di Koch: Interview with Francesca Mason Boring, Issue 21, January 2013
  • Book Review: Encounters with Death by Thomas Bryson & Ursula Franke, Issue 22, June 2013
  • In Conversation with Tanja Meyburg, Issue 23, January 2014
  • A Remarkable Constellation, Issue 23, January 2014
  • Trusting the Knowing Field, Issue 24, June 2014
  • Reflections on Immigration Constellations, Issue 26, June 2015
  • Family Systems Constellations And Other Systems Constellation Adventures Book Extract, Issue 27, January 2016
  • Sacred Representation, Issue 30, June 2017
  • The Elk, Issue 31, January 2018
  • No-one likes to talk about Castration in Family Systems Constellations: In the Company of Good People,  Issue 32, June 2018
  • African Constellations Experience, Issue 33, January 2019
  • The Treasure of Invisibility and the Invitation to be Seen, Issue 37, January 2021
  • The Schism of ‘Ism’, Issue 38, June 2021
  • Remembering Place- Honouring Mother Earth, Issue 39, January 2022
  • Book Review: Learning Transgender from the Outside Looking In, by Bertold Ulsamer, Issue 40, June 2023
  • The Nature Constellation Handbook, Issue 41, January 2023

The Knowing Field: International Constellations Journal

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